Thank you for contacting FLORIDA BUSINESS SERVICES and glad to answer your questions. Find below general information to foreigner or investors and hopefully this information will answer some questions you may have.

  • Based on IRS guidelines, every company that had applied for an EIN had to file a tax return, even though there was no income or business activities
  • Taxes Need To Be Filed Between January 19th – March 15th 2022 If It Is An LLC PARTNERSHIP, 2+ MEMBERS OR S CORPORATION.
  • If It Is An LLC SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP/SINGLE MEMBER LLC Or C -Corporation Is Due By April 15th 2022 To Avoid A Penalty.
  • The Taxation Percentage Rate Is between 15%-22% From Your Revenue After All Your Expenses Taken Out.
  • The State of Delaware doesn’t have state tax, just yearly franchise fee and USFormation can help.
  • ITIN number application – only if company made a profit and need to pay taxes.
  • Tax Forms and ITIN application needs to be mailed, when it is the first time of applying (we will provide you further details) otherwise, it will be filed electronically.

Other information:

In order to provide you a quote on your company tax filing, please send us copy of form SS-4 and IRS letter to see structure applied for and approved by IRS, Once we received above doc’s, we will send you estimate on cost of tax preparation and filing, because of tax season busyness, be advise to plan ahead on sending all required doc’s to file it on time.

Tax Filing Fee and Preparation:

    • Business Taxes – $475 for LLC Single Owner / Sole Member and $575 for Partnerships & Corporations
    • State of Delaware / Wyoming Tax Report (required on Partnerships & Corporations) $195.00
    • Personal Taxes – (Required To Report Profit On Partnerships & Corporations $250 Per Member)
    • ITIN number application: $200.00 per applicant (if there is a profit and taxes need to be paid)
    • If you need assistance with your bookkeeping services we can help you at a discounted rate

Doc’s needed:

    • Completed and signed client information sheet (for corporations or partnerships each member needs to fill out form)
    • Send copy of Identification or passport for each applicant
    • Form SS-4 and IRS letter
    • Profit & loss report
    • List of expenses not included on your report

Once payment is received, we will start process and once forms are done, you will receive a preview for your review, signature and approval

Above prices are discounted prices since you’ve been referred by USFormation.

Our prices include: free consultations all year round.